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Senior Frontend Engineer

  • Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
  • Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
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Job description

Do you want to actively shape the next revolution in machine learning? Are you looking for a chance to participate in the open-source AI movement? Do you want to use your talents to architect, design and implement tools and platforms that will be used by millions of people world-wide (including scientists, engineers, students), and have a profound impact on the future of various societally important domains such as medicine, and more? Then we are the right place for you!

About Us

Flower Labs is the world-class AI startup behind the open-source project Flower, the #1 framework and ecosystem for training AI on distributed data using federated learning. Companies like Banking Circle, Nokia, and Brave use Flower to easily improve their AI models on sensitive data that is distributed across organizational silos or user devices. Almost all AI today is based on centralized public data — a small fraction of the data we have; we believe that training on orders of magnitude more data will unlock the next leaps in AI. Flower Labs (YCW23) is backed by Y-combinator and prominent venture capital firms and angel investors including Felicis, First Spark Ventures, Mozilla Ventures, Factorial Capital, Hugging Face CEO Clem Delangue, Betaworks, and Pioneer Fund.

About the Role

As a Senior Frontend Engineer, you will focus on the architecture and implementation of our React-based Website as well as domain-agnostic client support for the Flower framework across native devices of all kinds using Electron or similar frameworks. You will work closely with internal teams at Flower who are building the core framework and often interact with external Flower users related to high-impact projects that require web frontend support. We are looking for people who can assume technical leadership roles, and work with others to build the critical components that will advance the Flower ecosystem forward. We have a preference for Europe-based applicants, ideally in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, or Switzerland to better align with the current time zones of most of the team, but we will consider applications from any location.

About the Team

You can expect a collaborative, fast-paced start-up environment containing a team of experts in their respective fields, in which everyone learns something new every day. Since we are still in the early phases of our ultimate mission (i.e., taking federated learning mainstream), you will have the opportunity to contribute ideas, be heard, and influence the direction of the company across the board. On a personal level, we value (internal) collaboration over competition. We're working in a highly competitive field and believe we can only win by collaborating and acting as one team.

Job requirements

This role has the following set of required and optional qualifications.

Must have Qualifications 

  • World-class web development expertise, including experience in TypeScript and React development

  • Independently author, test, ship, and monitor features used by thousands of users

  • Strong understanding of mobile and embedded systems

  • Preference for async remote work

  • Familiarity with common tools (Linux command line, git, Docker, …)

  • Openness to adopting new tooling

  • Solid understanding of distributed systems

  • Strong written English

  • Experience with gRPC, REST, and general API design

  • Open, honest, and transparent communication skills

Optional Qualifications 

  • A basic understanding of machine learning

  • Experience in Kotlin (for Android) or Swift (for iOS)

  • Experience in leading a team